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BizWeb is a "Yellow Pages"-like directory of businesses with a web presence. The intent of BizWeb is to assist shoppers in finding companies, goods, and services via the World Wide Web. BizWeb is primarily focused on attracting individuals using the Internet and WWW to help make purchasing decisions.

BizWeb averages about 100,000 total pages served per month. Of that total, about 20,000 of those pages are the BizWeb "home" page, the starting point for people browsing for goods and services. The other 60,000 pages served are primarily the various category sub-pages, each focused on companies that offer a particular good or service.

In "Marketing Tidbits" Liz Seegert recently wrote:

A recent test conducted by First Media Press of Webster, NY looked at the most effective ways to promote a specialized Christmas site. Various methods, including search engine links, banner ads, direct mail and paid links were used to see which was the best ROI.
Overall, they found that the paid links yielded the most cost-effective means of generating traffic to the site; direct mail (to a targeted mailing list that had requested information) proved the most costly, although it yielded a fairly good response rate. Free links resulted in the lowest generator of traffic to the site and it was also very time consuming to submit the site to over 100 search engines and directories. Banner ads also provided a low click-thru rate, but depending on cost, can result in useful visits for under $1 a customer.
Bottom line here, is be sure to target your audience. The best results were achieved through targeted communications, whatever the tool. It's something to consider.

BizWeb categories are an ideal way to target your intended audience.

Banner ad placement

BizWeb will display banner ads near the top of the BizWeb home page or near the top of subsequent category sub-pages. Banners are normally approximately 500 x 60 pixel GIF or JPG images. You can pick on which category sub-pages you would like your banner ad to appear. A current list of BizWeb categories is available. The most recent weekly and monthly usage reports of the various subcategory pages are also available


BizWeb charges US$15.00 per 1000 impressions. The cost for banner ads placed on category subpages will depend upon the total impressions of the selected sub-pages.

During 2000, BizWeb will donate 10% of all advertising revenue to the Atlanta Community Food Bank in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The ACFB has been around since 1979 providing food assistance to not-for-profit agencies in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Billing and Impressions Guarantee

The billing period is monthly. The monthly bill is calculated from the number of actual impressions served the preceding month. An "impression served" is defined as serving a BizWeb HTML page with <IMG> tag linking to the customer banner ad graphic. The banner ad can be placed for a fixed period of time (e.g. one month) and billed based on the total number of impressions during the banner ad period, or a maximum total number of impressions can be specified and the banner ad will run until the target number of impressions is achieved.

Invoices can be sent via mail, email, or FAX. Email is preferred. Terms are 30 net from invoice date.


A weekly summary report of billable impressions broken down by URL will be generated and emailed. Summaries are based on web server log files maintained by BizWeb. Reports are normally generated by the WUSAGE log analysis program. The BizWeb server log file is available for inspection and outside auditing if necessary

Weekly log summaries will be generated and sent via email.

How to place a banner ad

  1. FTP your graphic image to "". Login as "anonymous" and provide your email address for the password. Change to the "incoming" directory and upload your graphic. Be sure to set "binary" mode before uploading.
  2. Pick BizWeb pages for banner ads You can use the most recent weekly usage report for planning purposes.
  3. Pick period of time or total impression limit
  4. Specify
  5. Send note to "" with the above details
  6. You will receive a reply stating the starting date, ending date or total impressions, and estimated cost.
  7. Billing will begin after the end of the first calendar month following the starting date.

Bob Baggerman

11 Jan 99